Terry Hollands

Losing bad weight for me
has been a good journey
and an important one

As much as I know some would believe it’s for vanity but the reality is being 200kg+ is not healthy. Competing at WSM, we have to get medicals done to enable us to compete, I recently had my blood work done and it’s better now than in all my years of doing strongman, so not only do I feel better, look better, I am also much healthier. Training at the lower bodyfat is so much more enjoyable cause I can push harder without feeling so rough

I basically asked myself a question and it was a life changing one. Do I want to spend the rest of my life feeling tired, lethargic, out of breath, constantly sweating, have sleep apnea and just generally finding everyday tasks a pain OR do I want to be able to enjoy life again, feel good and be able to do activities with my son. It was a no brainer really.

Now from general fitness, strength
training to body transformation,
I am able to help anyone on
their journey.


you need in

one app

I offer various online coaching packages ranging from ones suitable for complete beginners right up to elite level athletes


A personalised plan to suit your goals and fit around your lifestyle, and tutorials for each exercise.


A complete plan based on food you enjoy eating to help you reach your goal, with the focus being on creating a sustainable diet for the future.


Chat feature where I am available for support throughout your fitness journey, which includes regular check ins on your progress.


Fully integrated advanced progress tracker to ensure accountability and keep us on track to reach our goals.



I started online coaching as I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience to share from my long career. I am doing this to help people achieve the life style they desire.

With over 17 years as a pro strongman including twice finishing on the podium at World’s Strongest Man, along with a very notable body and lifestyle transformation, I feel I am fully qualified to share my wealth of experience and knowledge with my clients.

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